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Check Out the Pagoda Product Roadmap

October 19, 2023

Over the past year, Pagoda has been working hard to build out the B.O.S, evolve, and continue developing the NEAR protocol. While Pagoda has built and launched proprietary services in the past, almost all of our work so far in 2023 and planned for the future is free open-source software,  which we intend to become vital parts of the NEAR ecosystem. We want the community to be aware of, excited by, and engaged in this work. 

So I’m excited to announce that Pagoda is making its product roadmap public this week via GitHub. It’s honestly a bit overdue. Given our values of transparency and collaboration, we hope to involve more members of the community in the development process. We also hope this lets teams across the NEAR ecosystem plan ahead a bit better, build in parallel to Pagoda, and even get ideas for what to build based on what you feel is missing or should be prioritized. 

Right now this roadmap covers the rest of 2023 and we are committing to update the roadmap at least quarterly. The roadmap on GitHub is arranged into several views covering both the company objectives (OKRs) as well as larger workstreams (initiatives). We’ve further organized our roadmap views by product vertical and priority level, along with status and expected delivery date (which the product leads will update in real time). You may see some roadmap items displayed as “private”; this is because certain partnerships and enterprise workstreams must remain under NDA or embargo until launch. The Pagoda team will continue to iterate on this roadmap tool to make it an even richer resource for ecosystem partners and the NEAR community.

Delivering on the Open Web vision will take contributions far beyond Pagoda and we look forward to working alongside those who are as passionate about NEAR as we are. Please explore and leave comments or questions on the NEAR Social post – or on the roadmap itself – if you have feedback. 

-Eric Winer, CTO Pagoda

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