Coin98 Launches Decentralized Dapp Store for its 7 Million Users on NEAR’s Blockchain Operating System (B.O.S) – NEAR Protocol

Coin98 Launches Decentralized Dapp Store for its 7 Million Users on NEAR’s Blockchain Operating System (B.O.S)

NEAR Foundation
November 2, 2023

Coin98, the multichain wallet and DeFi platform, has today launched a decentralized dapp store for its 7 million users across 170 countries, built on NEAR. 

The company behind the Super app, designed to seamlessly connect a billion users to the crypto world safely and securely, has created an innovative marketplace that allows users to access a range of apps on prominent Ethereum Layer-2 ecosystems such as Polygon zkEVM, zkSync, Base, and Linea, greatly increasing accessibility and discoverability for users. 

The result is a both a web app and mobile app (details below) that provides a gateway to more than 70 chains and 15,000 dapps including cross-chain bridging, money markets, and decentralized exchanges — all in a single interface. Coin98 has achieved this by harnessing the power of NEAR’s B.O.S, the Blockchain Operating System. 

“At Coin98, we are dedicated to providing our users with the very best one-stop DeFi experience in our pursuit of the vision to make Web3 accessible for everyone.” says Thanh Le, Coin98 Founder. 

“With NEAR’s B.O.S, we can create a user-friendly interface thanks to its composability, while enabling decentralization under the hood,” he said. “Our dapp store offers hassle-free interaction with the most exciting L2s in the market. Soon, we will expand our collection to offer even more ecosystems and dapps, as B.O.S greatly reduces the development process, enabling a fast and scalable way to integrate new applications.”

Coin98 selected NEAR’s B.O.S thanks to the ease in the development process. All the widgets and components running on the B.O.S are fully composable, enabling developers to freely combine them to fit their needs. 

Coin98 utilized the B.O.S as a frontend layer to fully decentralize the user experience. Instead of routing parts of the process through centralized servers, all the featured dapps on the Coin98 gateway have frontend components whose code are stored on-chain on NEAR, which directly interact with the smart contracts on the original chains. No centralized servers are used.

“The NEAR ecosystem is excited to see Coin98 build their decentralized app store on the B.O.S and deliver much better experiences to their users,” says Illia Polosukhin, co-founder of NEAR Protocol. 

“This is exactly why we set out to build the B.O.S: because NEAR’s technology can help founders achieve decentralization and discoverability in parallel,” he added. “Now Coin98’s users can explore multiple L2 ecosystems all in one app, through the wallet of their choice, in seconds, with no complexity or switching costs. NEAR’s mission is to drive mainstream adoption of the Open Web through great user experiences and we hope more founders and projects will join us on the B.O.S.”

Coin98’s decentralized app store offering follows the launches of major B.O.S gateways by Polygon zkEVM and Mantle, two top L2 ecosystems. The success of these wallet gateway partners highlights the benefits that B.O.S helps Web3 founders deliver to end-users, demonstrating NEAR’s commitment to enabling products that simplify the blockchain experience and globally expand access to the Open Web.

Want to try the new B.O.S integration? Download the mobile app on Apple or Google Play store today.

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