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Get Your NEARCON Tickets Now

July 22, 2022

NEAR is excited to announce its second annual flagship event: NEARCON Beta! Join 2,000+ attendees from the NEAR and Web3 ecosystem along with hundreds of hackers in the stunning coastal city of Lisbon, Portugal. 

The theme of NEARCON Beta is “Building Beyond the Hype.”

Part conference, part festival, and part IRL hackathon, for 3.5 days NEARCON will bring together renowned authors, economists, A-list artists, politicians, builders, multi-chain collaborators, and makers across a wide variety of industries. 

Early bird pricing of $300 lasts only through July, so grab your tickets today in fiat or $NEAR via Mintbase’s NEARCON marketplace, where you can snag an NFT pass. Hackers sign up for the IRL Hackathon here. If approved, score a free pass and travel stipend paid in $NEAR upon successful hack completion.

What to expect at NEARCON

Our biggest event to date, NEARCON Beta aims to be a welcoming, collaborative atmosphere for Web3 natives and novices alike. As the NEAR community celebrates its second anniversary since mainnet launch, the NEAR Foundation aims to showcase all the ways in which the NEAR ecosystem is flourishing and provide a framework for how Web3 will continue to shape our shared, decentralized future. 

Developers, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Regulators will each have a dedicated track at NEARCON, with panels and information sessions focused on the particular needs of each group. There will also be seven content themes: future of finance, future of work, sustainability, Web2 -> Web3, governance, arts & culture, and technical content.

In addition to the world-class talks, panels, workshops, and hackathon, there will also be live DJs and networking events daily, totaling 30+ hours of entertainment. Experience creative activations, art, culture, NFT drops, dinners, parties, a gaming lounge, and so much more! NEARCON Beta will be  one of the best crypto events of the year. 

Inside the NEARCON venue

The conference will be held in a massive converted warehouse on the picturesque Lisbon waterfront. There you’ll be able to interact with numerous projects building on NEAR, attend talks from Web3 thought leaders at one of four stages, or eat from our regional hub food trucks that will be serving up Latin American, Ukrainian, African, and Asian-Pacific cuisines.

You’ll also have access to see what hackers are up to during the hackathon in the Dev lounge, or catch some fresh air in the outdoor garden. With partners and artists in attendance, you’ll see the hottest NFT and partner projects in Web3. In summary, there is something for everyone at NEARCON! 

Ecosystem Participants

  • NEAR Foundation
  • Pagoda
  • Proximity
  • Aurora
  • Mintbase
  • MetaPool
  • Orderly Network
  • Crystals of Naramunz
  • Capsule Social
  • Metaweb Ventures
  • Hypersphere Ventures
  • Sweat Economy
  • OrangeDAO
  • SailGP
  • Antisocial Ape Club 
  • Antisocial Labs 
  • Apollo42
  • Bancambios DeFi
  • Ariel Finance
  • NEAR Hub Online
  • AMPLE 
  • Cheddar
  • Open Shard Alliance (OSA)
  • Spin
  • Yenna Tech 
  • Hack-a-Chain

Grab your tickets now! Early bird pricing of $300 lasts only through July. Or sign up for the IRL Hackathon here

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