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Introducing NCON and How to Use It at NEARCON ‘23

NEAR Foundation
November 6, 2023

Hello NEARians,

By now many of you are in or are en route to the magical city of Lisbon for NEARCON23! The amount of alpha dropping this week will have you weak in your knees. It’s been our mission to bring you an event that puts Web3 experiences at the forefront of NEARCON. Even better when we partner with our Community to bring you a truly social experience elevating your journeys throughout NEARCON. This year NCON makes its big debut! 

What is NCON? 

The NEAR Foundation has partnered with Jutsu, Keypom, and Veriken to create an exciting experience for you: the NCON token — an event experience built on B.O.S. NCON embodies the essence of the open web. An open web where we transact with each other on a peer to peer network. 

Interacting with sponsors, attending content sessions, paying for your lunch, will be part of the NCON experience. As you complete NCON Bounties (see the full list below), you’ll be rewarded NCON which can be redeemed for swag, lunches, and other goodies during NEARCON. 

When you check in at registration you will automatically receive 100 NCON — enough to buy lunch for 3 days and 1 piece of swag. Complete Bounties to earn more NCON and maximize your NEARCON experience. At the end of NEARCON, the top 3 NCON redeemers will receive a free trip to NEARCON24. Visit the helpdesk to verify your Bounty completions and get dropped NCON. 

Good luck and “happy bounting”!

*NCON exists for the purposes of NEARCON and NCON holds no real financial value beyond the event. Terms and conditions apply

NCON Bounties to complete

Ticket Claim (done at registration) 100.00
We’re dropping various amounts of NCON during sessions, roundtables, firesides, panels and keynotes. The more sessions you join, the higher chance for more NCON! 1.00 – 10.00
Take a picture with the Opening Ceremony special guest and tweet “FOUNDERS, DEVELOPERS, BUILDERS #NEARCON2023” 20.00
Early Bird Drops (arrive to NEARCON or Hacker HQs between 9am and 10:30am) 5.00
Visit all three venues (tweet pictures of each venue and #NEARCON2023) 5.00
Upvote apps in the B.O.S. App Library  5.00
Attend one of the Founders Forum sessions  2.00
Complete the Shard Dog Engage-a-thon 2.00
Submit Pagoda User Research Survey 2.00
Shoutout your favorite thing on NEARCON Twitter #NEARCON2023 2.00
Submit a Hackathon Project 40.00
Visit the B.O.S. Booth 5.00
Visit the hacker help desk and get help on your project (or just get your NCON Drop) 2.00
Sponsor Bounties Varies
Glass – Sign up for GLASS at, and tag us (@glassdotfun) in a tweet about your favorite thing you’ve eaten or drank so far at NEARCON! 5.00
Aurora – Visit Aurora booth, talk to Armand or Slava, tweet “Big Alpha coming soon on @auroraisnear” without a spoiler. 2.00
Proximity – Attend a talk featuring a Proximity team member. Post on X and tag @proximityfi 2.00
Proximity – Try out these B.O.S.-powered gateways for L2s and share your thoughts on X: Polygon zkEVM Interactive App Dashboard, Mantle Ecosystem Gateway, “B.O.S.” Store on the Coin98 Super App. 20.00
Mintbase – Minsta your NEARCON moments and earn NCON 🤳🏻
▾ Go to
▾ Take a photo and mint it as a NFT
Octopus – Visit us at the Octopus Network booth and tweet a picture at the booth with “Otto” tagging @oct_network and #NEARCON.  2.00
Octopus – Interact with Octopus Network on, in forum at or at Octopus DAO on AstroDAO for a 5x multiplier bonus! 10.00
Calimero – Log in to Calimero Chat, the official chat of NEARCON, and send an epic meme! The funnier your meme, the more NCON you score! Claim them at the Calimero booth. 2.00 – 5.00
The Littles -1. Visit TheFunPass booth2. Participate in their Stick Catcher experience. 2.00
NEAR Mobile – Publish a tweet describing what you like more about @NEARMobile_app- Download NEAR Mobile ( and give us a review on Google Play or App Store- Follow us on Twitter (@NEARMobile_app), join our Telegram ( and subscribe to YT (@NEARMobileWallet). 2.00
NEAR Balkans – NEAR Lisbon Adventure: Collect all flags at the NEACON booths! 2.00
NEAR Balkans – POAP: Find the POAP QR code and prove your attendance at NEARCON with the Tekuno PODs! 2.00
SailGP – SailGP’s NEARcon Scavenger Hunt: Download the SailGP app and join our fan loyalty program, The Dock. Then, set off to explore NEARcon’s three venues, hunting down not one, not two, but SEVEN SailGP QR codes. Scan all seven codes using the SailGP app to snag your exclusive SailGP x NEARcon NFT. Once you’ve got your hands on it, head over to the SailGP booth, present your collectible, and get in on the action to win daily prizes on top of NCON! 5.00

How to redeem your NCON

Redeemable NCON PRICE
LUNCH (NEARCON and HACKER HQs) 15 per visit
White t-shirt 20.00
Black t-shirt 20.00
Green t-shirt 20.00
Cream hoodie 50.00
Black hoodie 50.00
Windbreaker 50.00
Cream hat 15.00
Black hat 15.00
Water bottle 10.00
Duffle bag 50.00
Tangem Wallet V1 40
Tangem Wallet V2 40
Bottle Openers 5
Early Closing Party Access 50
Horizon Credits for Founders 30
Top 3 NCON Redeemers will receive a free trip to NEARCNO24! —–

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