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NEAR Foundation Launches Smart Contract Audit Program

June 21, 2022

NEAR Foundation is excited to announce that its Smart Contract Audit Program is live. This is an important step in expanding smart contract audits and enhancing ecosystem security. 

Many new projects request smart contract audits, necessitating an expansion of the number of auditors the Foundation has on retainer. This effort will make the process of choosing the most experienced and skilled auditors seamless. 

Let’s briefly explore what this means for auditors, projects, and the wider NEAR ecosystem. We’ll also explain how projects and auditors can access the program. 

Smart Contract Audits Program features

NEAR Foundation’s Smart Contract Audit Program comes with two main features—a new auditor ingest form and an audit request form. 

The New Auditor Ingest Form is the first step for interested smart contract auditors to illustrate their capabilities. It will be followed by a review process, when NEAR Foundation onboards new auditors as it expands the program. This will allow the Foundation to gain a better understanding of auditors, and have a detailed selection of auditors to choose from when deciding who to onboard.

By filling out the Smart Contract Audit Request form, projects building on NEAR can enter a queue for an audit. To file a request, your project must have a plan for funding the smart contract audit. The audit will be carried about by approved smart contract auditing firms, which NEAR Foundation has on retainer.

“The features are an important step in growing an ecosystem of trusted security partners, and ensuring availability of quality audits for NEAR-related audits,” says Isha Tyagi, NEAR Foundation’s Smart Contract Audits Program Manager. “This will also allow for the expansion and uplift of security companies in the NEAR ecosystem.” 

How to access Audit Program features

Potential auditors can find the Smart Contract Auditor ingest form here. Simply fill out your name, email, audit firm name, and other information, including past experience, capacity, and more. 

The smart contract audit request form can be found here. Fill out your name, email, and other relevant information. Be certain that your project is ready for an audit and, again, make sure you have a plan for funding your smart contract audit.

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