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NEARCON ‘23 Day 2 Roundup: Web3’s Women Shine and Innovations Unfold

NEAR Foundation
November 9, 2023

As the Lisbon sun dipped below the horizon, NEARCON ‘23’s second day came to a vibrant conclusion. The day was marked by a rich tapestry of dialogue and discovery, highlighting the profound impact of women in Web3 and the AI is NEAR track. The energy was palpable as attendees navigated through a day steeped in collaborative exploration. 

Key announcements from Pyth Network and breakthroughs in identity solutions with idOS and Tangem Wallet underscored a day where the future of blockchain was not just imagined, but actively constructed.

Remember, you can stay connected with other attendees through Calimero Chat — a private, decentralized comms built on the NEAR blockchain.

*Note: There is no bag check or cloak room at any NEARCON venue

Female open web trailblazers kick start Day Two

Day 2 of NEARCON ‘23’s celebrated diversity and technical milestones, highlighting transformative initiatives and strategic expansions within the ecosystem.

The “Women in Web3” brunch at NEARCON ‘23 spotlighted the vital contributions of women in blockchain, focusing on fostering inclusivity. Leaders in the space convened to discuss strategies for empowering women, emphasizing the NEAR Foundation’s commitment to diversity with initiatives like the Women in Web3 Changemakers list.

Ecosystem highlights take center stage

FractalID unveils idOS on NEAR

FractalID is redefining Web3 identity with the launch of idOS on NEAR, providing users with unparalleled control over their digital identity. This pivotal development promises to enhance user sovereignty and compliance in dApp interactions, bolstering NEAR’s position as a leader in decentralized identity solutions.

Pyth Network

NEAR’s integration with the Pyth Network brings a wealth of real-time price feeds to its testnet, significantly enhancing the toolkit available to developers. This move, a year after Pyth’s Aurora integration, demonstrates NEAR’s dedication to equipping its platform with the data and tools required for leading-edge dApp development.

Octopus Network restaking and IBC bridge

As part of its Octopus 2.0 program, Octopus Network — built on NEAR Protocol — unveils $NEAR restaking for Ottochain launch in December. This initiative enhances validators’ rewards and bolsters appchain security, incentivizing $NEAR’s wider use and fostering equilibrium in the NEAR ecosystem.

Octopus Network also introduced Adaptive IBC, bridging Cosmos and NEAR ecosystems for enhanced interoperability with Secret Network poised to be the first adopter. 

Tangem Cold Wallet integrates NEAR Protocol

The Tangem Wallet, renowned for its Swiss-made security and simplicity, now fully supports the NEAR Protocol, ensuring effortless self-custody for NEAR holders. This collaboration embodies NEAR’s commitment to making Web3 accessible, offering users a secure and straightforward way to manage their digital assets with confidence.

Jump DeFi broadens DeFi accessibility on NEAR

Jump DeFi has extended its decentralized finance platform to Telos, making strides toward widespread DeFi adoption. By integrating with NEAR Protocol, Jump DeFi simplifies user and developer engagement, streamlining access to a previously fragmented DeFi ecosystem with its all-in-one solution for core financial activities.

MotoDEX accelerates on NEAR Blockchain

MotoDEX, integrating with the NEAR blockchain, offers a thrilling motorcycle racing game directly on app stores. It caters to 13,000 daily players, blending the thrill of racing with the perks of blockchain tech. The game’s seamless Web3 integration ensures accessibility for all, fueling a new era of blockchain gaming.

GeekPay rides high on NEAR Blockchain

GeekPay also announced impressive growth with a $1M turnover, a quarter of which was on NEAR. GeekPay simplifies payroll for businesses like theirs. Its recent accolade includes a nod from the Tenity Incubation Program, affirming GeekPay’s pivotal role in the gig economy and future of work.

DevHub’s bold new rebrand

DevHub unveiled a fresh brand identity to resonate with its evolution into a thriving NEAR developer ecosystem. This rebranding is more than a visual facelift — it represents DevHub’s commitment to fostering innovation and supporting builders at every stage. Dive into the enhanced experience at and join the ranks shaping the Open Web with NEAR.

Key sessions and panels

SK Telecom ports into the metaverse

Sehyeon Oh from SK Telecom detailed the Korean company’s strategic foray into the open web, highlighting their collaboration with NEAR Foundation and plans for a Web3 wallet and NFT marketplace. SKT’s approach aims to fuse digital and tangible realms, from art NFTs to metaverse developments while community building with education and blockchain integration.

FractalID unveils idOS on NEAR 

Julian Leitloff from Fractal ID and Johan Salaï Bondioli of Pagoda introduced the idOS at NEARCON ‘23, a leap forward in Web3 identity, granting users control over their digital presence. This initiative is set to redefine the interaction landscape for dApp users, solidifying NEAR’s leadership in decentralized identity solutions.

NEAR’s evolution from Nightshade to Starsight

Bowen Wang from Pagoda offered a compelling overview of NEAR Protocol’s evolution, highlighting the advances in stateless validation and zero-knowledge technologies. Wang teased the upcoming Starsight project, promising a leap forward in blockchain’s usability, scalability, and decentralization in 2024.

Illia Polosukhin on AI’s Role in NEAR’s Future

NEAR co-founder and CEO Illia Polosukhin dove into the future of AI and its integration with blockchain. He emphasized AI’s potential to drive work and governance on NEAR, forecasting AI agents that execute tasks autonomously, enhancing efficiency within decentralized systems and contributing to the evolution of DAOs into truly autonomous organizations.

Side events and networking

As Day Two winds down, don’t forget to head on over to the Community HQ for the Movers and Shakers Happy Hour, sponsored by Glass and Moonbounce. Just a few steps down the cobbled Lisbon streets from HackerHQ, Movers and Shakers will be a great chance to sip some cocktails and learn about Glass, an innovative app bringing the adult beverage closer to brand enthusiasts on the NEAR blockchain.

Looking ahead to Day Three

Day Three of NEARCON ‘23 is your final opportunity to dive into immersive open web sessions starting at 10:45 AM, after doors open at 9 AM. The day will highlight the Hackathon’s brightest innovations with judging from 12:00 PM and the NEAR Pitch Competition and Hackathon Awards Ceremony from 2:35 PM to 3:50 PM on the Main Stage, showcasing top project pitches.

NEARCON ‘23 then goes out with a massive bang at the Closing Party at the LX Factory, sponsored by The Littles. The bash begins at 9:00 PM, and will be a chance for attendees to unwind, network, and reflect on everything that was NEARCON ‘23. Not to mention dancing the night away in one of Lisbon’s most happening party venues.

We hope you had a fantastic Day Two at NEARCON ‘23, with the best yet to come. Enjoy another buzzing evening in Lisbon and see you on Day Three!

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