Refer-and-Earn 2022 Q2 Report – NEAR Protocol

Refer-and-Earn 2022 Q2 Report

NEAR Foundation
October 12, 2022

NEAR’s ever-growing and engaged community is one of the ecosystem’s greatest strengths. Remember the NEAR Foundation Grants team’s Refer-and-Earn bonus scheme? A number of NEAR community members participated in Refer-and-Earn in early 2022, resulting in grants for dozens of exciting projects currently building on the NEAR ecosystem.  

To demonstrate the power of the NEAR community, the Grants team just published its Refer-and-Earn Q2 2022 Report. Let’s take a look at the qualified projects currently building without limits that emerged from the Grants team’s Refer-and-Earn program. 

Refer-and-Earn: Q2 Qualified Projects

The NEAR ecosystem is the beneficiary of a number of your recommendations and referrals. A total of 26 quality projects emerged from Refer-and-Earn—each aligning with the NEAR Foundation’s Grants program objectives. 

In no particular order, here are the Q2 2022 qualified projects: 

  1. Ref finance 
  2. Roco Finance 
  3. Lazy Learning
  4. Noft Games 
  5. Atocha Protocol 
  7. Omnia Defi
  8. KwikTrust
  9. BlockHealth 
  10. Marnotaur
  11. Exxaverse 
  12. Mambo Heritage
  13. NEAR mates 
  14. NFT Design Work 
  15. The Gorilla Squad
  16. Pawn Protocol 
  17. PureFi
  18. Solely NFT 
  19. Kyoto protocol 
  20. Deepwaters
  21. Bumper Finance 
  22. Dojo Finance 
  23. Loozr 
  24. bit brawl
  25. Blockperks
  26. Boundless Pay

The Grants team has reached out to all Refer-and-Earn referrers. Thanks to your help and support, the Grants team is able to support innovative projects such as those listed above. 

Start referring projects to NEAR Grants today

The Grants team would like to extend an invite to those yet to participate in the Refer-and-Earn program. To get started, head over to the NEAR Grants Program Referral Initiative page

Please note that only projects receiving a grant directly from NEAR Foundation will be eligible for the Refer-and-Earn bonus. Only the first recorded referral will be paid out—duplicate records will not be considered. NEAR Foundation no longer supports DeFi-related projects. 

All referrals are calculated at the end of each quarter and only eligible referrals will be contacted. 

Please contact [email protected] for additional information or inquiries.

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