Register for NEAR’s June Town Hall: NEAR at Consensus – NEAR Protocol

Register for NEAR’s June Town Hall: NEAR at Consensus

June 3, 2022

Howdy, NEAR World! This month the NEAR Town Hall will be broadcasting from Coindesk’s Consensus conference in Austin, Texas. Join us on Sunday, June 12, 2022 at 5:00pm GMT (1:00PM EDT/10:00PM PDT) for updates on the NEAR ecosystem and Web3 onboarding efforts, as well as for special Consensus-related segments. 

Here’s a brief preview of what to expect from the June Town Hall. And don’t forget to register for the Town Hall below. 

State of NEAR address

NEAR Foundation CEO Marieke Flament will open the June Town Hall with a brief segment on why NEAR is thrilled to be a Level 5 sponsor of Consensus. She will also give developers, projects, and investors ecosystem updates, and remind the community of its shared vision of mainstreaming Web3 technology and apps. 

Flament’s segment will be a “State of NEAR”. In this segment, which comes at the mid-year point, Flament will reflect on NEAR’s tremendous growth. She will also address the bear market and speak of NEAR’s solid fundamentals for funding, support, marketing, and more. 

To round out her Town Hall spot, Flament will also highlight NEAR’s presence and interactions at this year’s Consensus gathering.

NEAR Protocol update

Following Flament’s introduction, NEAR Co-founder Illia Polosukhin will give a mid-year overview and update on NEAR’s Nightshade sharding. He will also touch on what to expect from the NEAR Protocol throughout the rest of 2022 and into 2023. 

This Town Hall segment will be must-see for both new and prospective developers, projects, and investors curious about the state of NEAR’s scalability and security. 

NEAR Foundation updates

After Illia’s NEAR Protocol update, the Town Hall will pivot into NEAR Foundation updates. Jack Collier, NEAR Foundation’s new CMO, will get into a number of new and exciting foundation activities. After he shares his vision for the foundation’s marketing efforts.  

Yadira Blocker, the foundation’s Experiential Marketing and Events Lead, will update the community on upcoming events. Her segment will feature spots on Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) and NEARCON, including where to find information on these events and how to stay updated as they approach. 

Blocker will also give an introduction to the NEAR Town Hall’s Consensus Spotlight. 

Consensus Spotlight and Town Hall Panel

This special Town Hall segment will feature “man on the street” video interviews from Consensus. They will feature NEAR Foundation team members David Morrison (Community Moderator) and Chad Lamon (Video Producer). 

After the video segment, Marieke Flament will introduce the Town Hall panel. Moderated by Cathy Hackl, a Tech Columnist and Thought Leader, this special panel will include a team of globally acclaimed and awarded creatives announcing their project on NEAR. So, be sure to tune in to the Town Hall to see what this super stealth and exciting project is all about. 

Register for the June Town Hall

To join the conversation with the global NEAR community, register for the June Town Hall. 

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